Why Care About Testosterone Levels

The hormone testosterone is supposedly the king amongst men. More the testosterone, more is the manliness. Even amongst women testosterone is found but, in very minute quantities. This is probably because, Testosterone is the hormone produced by the tests while women have ovaries.

Like every other hormone in the human body, testosterone too has to be in harmony with every other hormone. This is possible only when testosterone is at its optimum, that is, neither too little nor too much. At that point of time when, the testosterone levels turn to be out of the party, it means that they have become too low as opposed to excessively raised.

Normal Testosterone Levels

healthy testosterone levels


To know what is abnormal, you need to know the normal. In ideal conditions, a man’s testosterone level can be anywhere between 300 to 1000 nanograms per deciliter of blood. It is believed that most healthy men are those whose testosterone varies between 400 to 600 nanograms per deciliter of blood. The most common imbalance of testosterone is known to occur on the lower side. This is because the testosterone levels are at their peak or prime around early twenties. Beyond this time, there is an infinitesimal but constant drop in the level of testosterone. By the time a man reaches middle age, the drop in testosterone is around 1% each year.

Why Care About Testosterone Levels

Too much or too little of anything and everything is bad. So is the case with testosterone levels also. If one benefits from any deviation from normal then there is nothing to worry about. But when abnormal or deviation starts affecting health then one has to be concerned. Therefore, it is not only necessary to care about testosterone levels, but it’s also in your best interest to care for your overall health and well being.

Disadvantages of High Testosterone Levels

As the testosterone level increases in men, there can be a fairly noticeable change in their attitude. They can become much more aggressive and can be more prone to being a part of high risk-taking behaviour. It has also been shown that men with higher than normal levels of testosterone tend to increase their alcohol consumption.  Similarly, men with extremely high test levels have also been shown to smoke more, presumably to calm down, and in some cases, they are more likely to start smoking as a habit.

Disadvantages of Low Testosterone Levels

Low levels of testosterone are found most commonly amongst men as they reach middle age. This is because the body’s productivity of testosterone naturally decreases over time. Also by this time certain age-related ailments make an appearance, thereby making a bad situation worse. As the testosterone level drops drastically men can become chronically fatigued. No amount of rest makes them feel rested and rejuvenated. They become much susceptible to conditions of anxiety, depression and irritability. Health also deteriorates as fat reserves in the body increase, the heart becomes weak, bones become brittle etc. A man suffering from low – T feels extremely dissatisfied and can even completely lose interest in sex. None of these are good symptoms and as such a cause of concern.

It can rightly be concluded that, with so many problems arising from abnormal testosterone levels, it is imperative to keep an eye on them. This way if any change occurs then it can be treated before the manifestation of the problem magnifies.

Natural Testosterone Booster

There are many things that men can do to raise their testosterone levels if they are low.  Typically, the only reason a man has abnormally high levels of testosterone is if they are taking outside injections of testosterone on their own typically for some competitive reason. Most men are suffering from low testosterone levels.  The trend now is that men’s testosterone levels are declining at a faster rate in the past.  Men are less active now, they eat foods that are higher in estrogen (which kills testosterone), the food they eat is riddled with testosterone killing chemicals and pesticides, etc.

An excellent way to make sure your T-levels are in the normal range is to take a natural testosterone booster.  A natural test booster helps your body produce more of it’s own testosterone naturally, and it helps you keep your T-levels from getting too low.

Testosterone is too important to not keep an eye on it and not have your body producing at strong & healthy levels.

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