What might be the cause of gynecomastia?



We are used to things running normally in life. But that is not what we get to see always. Sometimes, some weird occurrences that no one wants to be associated with happens. And people are left asking, what caused that? Gynecomastia is one of the conditions that make men fear when they hear of it. The breasts become like those of the ladies becoming larger to the extent that the public can notice. It is a cause of embarrassment for the men suffering from it. People want to know what might be the reason behind the overgrowth of the men breasts. Most importantly, the unaffected men understand they are not 100% safe. Maybe they might be the next victims. To keep it negative, they seek this important knowledge; the causes of gynecomastia. Well, don’t expect one particular cause. Plenty they are. Here we go.

Testosterone-estrogen imbalance

With the little biology you have, at least you know men produce testosterone while women produce estrogen. These are the defining hormones that bring out the difference between the two genders. A man however does not produce testosterone purely. There is some oestrogen that will be in the man’s body. The best part is that most men are able to contain the effects of oestrogen with more concentrated testosterone production. What happens to the remaining men? They suffer from feminine effects one of them being gynecomastia. The body will see having big breasts as normal and go ahead to cause their development. The same happens to the women. That’s why you see some having beards. Some lifestyles might bring these imbalances and so can some diets. Better watch out.

Overweight guys

The body is mindful of equal growth. Only a few individuals will experience differential growth. That means as the arms grow, the legs will grow at the same rate. And so will every other organ. Breasts are recognized as tissues like the rest of the body. They will have their share of growing big if overweight is the direction the body is headed. Some men find themselves having gynecomastia for no other reason but obesity. In fact, the probability of having gynecomastia being obese is very high. The tissue under the breast skin will overgrow.

Testicle defect or malfunction

Every organ in the body has a crucial role to play. For the testicles, there are several roles. One of the most vital roles includes production of testosterone. That is what men need to remain men. Otherwise, low level of this hormone in the body will lead to feminine effects as mentioned above.

Young boys

A young boy might have gynecomastia which disappears after some time. This is associated with the fact that oestrogen hormones were passed to the baby during birth and they displayed their effects. With continuous production of testosterone, the oestrogen is inhibited.

Other causes include consumption of illegal drugs and other medication that inhibit production of testosterone.

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