The Truth About Penis Enlargement

how to get a bigger penis

There isn’t a man on earth that hasn’t, at a minimum at least wondered how he could enlarge his penis.

Some men have no issue with the size of their penis, but are simply curious.  Other men, truly have an issue with their penis size, and they are desperately looking for a solution to help them with the very real pain they feel about the size of their penis.  Most of the time this is a perception issue versus a reality issue.  However, there are times when the issue isn’t just perception.

What Is A Average Sized Penis?

First, we need to understand what a normal average sized penis is.  According to the most recent market data, the average size of a man’s penis is roughly 5 to 5.5 inches.  That alone may come as a shock to a lot of men especially if they are using pornography as the basis for their comparisons.  Porn specifically finds men with much higher than average sized penises, so to compare your penis to what you see in porn is not a fair comparison to you.

What Do Women Look For In A Penis?

Another misconception is that all women are craving the largest penis possible, and the fact of the matter is that is just simply not true.  In fact, in many cases, having too large a penis can be a real detriment and turn off for women because it’s just too painful and cumbersome.  It can limit or even prevent certain sexual positions.  Women have been questioned about this often, and the overwhelming feedback is that the reality is that most women prefer an average-to-slightly-above-average sized penis.  Also with women, the sexual connection is much more emotionally-based, and the things that really turn a women on are more closely associated with the emotional response that a man can draw from her rather than a more physical response.

Hopefully this has taken some of the pressure off that some men feel.  However, even if after reading this you still would like to explore a real option that can add size to your penis, then keep reading.

What Real Options Are Available?

If you do a search on “how to get a bigger penis”,  you will find a variety of merchants out in the market looking to capture your attention and convince you that they have the magic solution to your need to want to add real size to your penis.  The unfortunate fact of the matter is that most of the things on the market are really just snake oil scams.  They all promise to magically add inches to your penis and you don’t have to do anything except take a magic pill or use a super spray.

Pills & Sprays

Here’s the thing about most pills & sprays – they just don’t work.  There are some good pills out on the market that will help you get a fuller and harder erection.  Pills like Male Edge and VigRX are good solutions if you’re struggling getting or keeping an erection.  These pills will help get your penis to it’s maximum potential, and for a lot of men, that’s exactly what they need.  But if you’re looking to add some number of inches to your current maximum, these pills are not going to magically add new inches of flesh.  It’s just not going to happen.

Penis Pumps

There are devices called penis pumps that you can use that engorge your penis with blood through a pumping action that you manually (or there are some battery operated pumps) provide to suction blood to the penis.  You typically have to do this for about 15 minutes before sexual activity to it’s “ready”.  Again, this can be an excellent aid and provide you with a relatively quick solution to the problem of having trouble getting or keeping an erection.  However, this will aid in getting to your maximum physical potential.  It’s not going to add permanent new inches of growth to your penis.

Here’s how penis pumps work:

Penis Extenders

There are traction devices on the market that are made to truly add new real permanent inches to the size of your penis.  This is new growth beyond your current maximum potential.

Just like how traction devices are used to grow new bone and tissue length for other parts of the body, the same can and is being done now for penis growth.

Penis extenders use a process called Cytokinesis which duplicates cells through a constant and gradual tension is put on the penis shaft.

Probably the best way to understand how it works is to check out this video:


These are fully registered Medical Type 1 Devices that are used and prescribed by doctors in lieu of dangerous and costly surgical options which are saved for the most extreme cases of micro penis.

Not every device is created equal however.  The top three devices on the market are Size Genetics, Jez-Extender, and Male Edge penis extenders.

If you truly are looking to add new size to your current maximum potential, then your best bet with the least number of risks and costs that will provide real and permanent new growth is a penis extender.