Keep Your Home Clean And Fresh With The Bissell Healthy Home Vacuum Cleaner

bissell-37601The Bissell Healthy Home vacuum cleaner is packed with advanced features that take cleaning your home to the extreme. With this one vacuum you can clean all floor surfaces in your home including all depths of carpeting and all flat surfaces.

You can also clean upholstery, take it up and down stairways, and get it in your vehicle for a good cleaning with the hose. To top it off, you even clean the air inside your home as you vacuum!

There are a lot of advanced features that make all of this possible:

  1. Cyclone Continuous Suction
  2. 15 Foot Advanced Hose
  3. AireTight HEPA Filtration
  4. Adjustable Brush Bar

Some vacuum cleaners are very inconsistent when it comes to suction power, which makes them inconsistent in their effectiveness. Bissell designed the Healthy Home vacuum with continuous suction power backed up with cyclone technology. This simply means the suction power is consistent from the moment you turn it on to the moment you turn it off. It’s also a highly rated and powerful auto vac.

Cyclone technology ensures that more debris is pulled from your floors and more small particles are eliminated from your air. These particles are deposited into a collection cup which is very easy and fast to empty at the end. You never have to mess with dirty bags or continuously purchase bags. The filter is very easy to wipe clean as well.

Another benefit to the cyclone technology is decreased risk of clogs in the vacuum. The suction is so powerful that clogs aren’t likely to occur as they do with other vacuums.

The vacuum also has a three stage HEPA filtration system that is sealed air tight. This means that you don’t have to worry about small particles slipping from the vacuum out into your air. While your floors get clean, so does the air you have to breathe in! Try asking the Pet Vacuum Guy! He recommends the Hoover WindTunnel self propelled vacuum cleaner complete with HEPA filtered bag.

In another effort to keep the air in your home clean, Bissell designed the 15 foot hose on this vacuum to close off internal openings when in use. This ensures that you are not sucking up dirt and debris and spitting it back out into the air. Everything goes through the powerful suction system and ends up in the collection cup for later emptying.

This hose is long enough to stretch up stairways while the vacuum remains at the bottom and it can be used to clean out your vehicle!

The adjustable brush bar is one more feature that makes the Bissell Healthy Home an extreme cleaning machine. This brush bar is motorized and with the simple touch of a button you can raise or lower it. This allows you to move through your home and clean all floor surfaces without stopping to turn the brush on or off. It will automatically turn itself off when the vacuum is placed in an upright position.

The head of the vacuum also adjusts to 7 different height settings, which makes it just as effective on super plush carpeting as it is on thin carpeting or flat flooring. You can even find the right height for upholstery cleaning!

Some of the more basic features on this vacuum include a front headlight so you can see where you are going in dim lighting, a few basic on-board tools, and 35 foot cord. The Shark Rocket TruePet also has a headlight. Find out more about the Rocket TruePet and more Shark vacuum reviews here.
If you are looking for one vacuum cleaner that can do it all, the Bissell Healthy Home vacuum should be near the top of your must-see list. This is a full sized vacuum packed with features to keep the entire home and your vehicles spotless!