Green Coffee Extract And Losing Weight

Lose weight with proper supplementIf you are looking for an effective and easy weight loss solution, you have probably heard about green coffee extract. The main difference between this and the traditional beverage is that green coffee is extracted without roasting the coffee bean.

Roasting gives coffee its wonderful aroma and removes the bitter taste of the fresh bean. However, roasting also destroys many useful compounds found in green coffee, including chlorogenic acid, the substance that is believed to cause weight loss. Chlorogenic acid is the main active ingredient in this supplement.

The Science Behind The Weight Loss Benefits

Besides chlorogenic acid, which is the main active substance, green coffee also contains other substances like trigonelline, lignans and quinides. Animal studies have shown that consumption of these substances improves glucose processing in the body.

Studies show that chlorogenic acid blocks an enzyme that increases the production of glucose in the liver. Drinking coffee regularly is believed to lower the risk of diabetes and chlorogenic acid and other compounds discussed previously may be responsible for that benefit.

In addition to its effect on glucose metabolism, chlorogenic acid is believed to retard the absorption of fat from food. Studies also show that it may increase fat metabolism. The combination of these effects is the ideal scenario for losing weight. Studies in humans indicate that the extract could be an effective weight loss solution.

Human Studies Into The Effectiveness Of Green Coffee Extract

In 2012, a study was conducted on 16 overweight adults for 12 weeks. Supplements containing the extract with different concentrations of chlorogenic acid were given to the candidates. During the study period, the average weight loss observed was about 18 pounds. They also lost, on an average, more than 4% of their body fat.

Another study was conducted by Dr. Oz Show on 100 overweight or obese women with no known diseases or medical conditions. The test group received supplements containing 1200mg of green coffee extract in three equally divided doses, while the remaining people received a placebo. After two weeks, the test group lost one pound more than the placebo group with similar diets and physical activity.

How Safe Is Green Coffee Extract?

Effective weight loss processIn general, the extract is believed to be safe for normal healthy individuals at the recommended dosage that is mentioned on the package of the supplement being used. However, coffee contains caffeine, which is a stimulant. Green coffee supplements without caffeine are also available, but it is better to make sure that you don’t fall into one of the following groups for whom the extract is not recommended.

1. Safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding is not established.

2. Green coffee supplements containing caffeine can increase anxiety. It is not recommended for people who are suffering from anxiety disorders or depression.

3. Due to its effect on glucose levels, people suffering from diabetes should not take it without consulting their doctor.

4. People suffering from clotting or bleeding disorders should not take it as it could worsen their condition.

5. It is not suitable for people suffering from diarrhoea, IBS, glaucoma, hypertension or osteoporosis as caffeine can make their condition worse.

Green coffee extract, especially supplements with caffeine, may cause side-effects similar to drinking regular coffee such as loss of sleep, jittery and restless feeling, and increased pulse and respiratory rates. Similar symptoms are also possible when the supplements are discontinued. If you are drinking coffee regularly, noticeable side-effects are unlikely, especially when a supplement without caffeine is taken.

Green coffee extract may be an effective and natural weight loss solution that can help you lose weight. For good weight loss results with supplements, it is also essential to maintain a healthy diet and do moderate exercise. Buy only good quality supplements that contain chlorogenic acid as one of the main ingredients. It may often be listed in the ingredients as GCA or Svetol.

How To Go About Losing Weight Fast With The Venus Factor

There are many different weight loss programs out there today, some of them make promises that you will shed pounds very quickly. Although that may be the case with some of these programs such as fad diets, how healthy are they is what you should be asking.

weight_loss_with_the_venus_factorEven though you can lose weight fast with some programs is it the best for your health? Well, it does depend on your body type, whether you’re already in shape, your metabolism, age, and your overall health. For most people, however, it is important that they don’t think about losing weight fast, but they concentrate on a program that works best for them.  Some people also use the Venus Factor as an alternative.

When you stick to an effective weight loss program that includes a healthy diet and exercise program, you will lose weight. The goal is to burn more calories than you take in each day. Do that and you will lose weight. The more often you stick to your health program the better you will feel sistema venus pdf both physically and mentally. It will change your entire life around, and all you will think about is a healthy lifestyle.

Fast weight loss occurs when you get addicted to a healthy lifestyle. It may not be for everyone, but if you can go at your pace, it becomes easier for you to succeed. Losing weight too quickly may cause you to burn out and fail, which in the end will only result in you most likely gaining back the weight.

Losing weight is a challenge as we age, one that most of us fight each day, and how you shed these unwanted pounds is by being committed to a plan. Having a plan that keeps you in shape is hard work, well at least at first but as you continue it becomes easier. The more weight you lose, the healthier you feel and becomes very addicting.

Some people desperate to lose weight quickly opt for surgery, but that is not a solution for everyone. It may be unhealthy for some people while other might not be good candidates for it. Sounds like the Venus factor to me. But it is something to consider if you are a candidate, and you have tried everything else

Losing weight fast can help in some situation if you are severely overweight, but it can also harm your health. As with any weight loss program, you should consult with a doctor to see what method is best for you.

How to Speed Up Weight Loss

Are in the process of trying to lose more weight, but it seems things are not happening your way? In case you want to lose more weight in the shortest time possible, then you need to act smart. But how do you do it? How to speed up weight loss is very simple and by carrying out these healthy tips, you will realize that it is very fast and perfect.

Speed up your weight loss

Consume more snacks

This may sound very ambiguous to someone who wants to lose weight, but is definitely correct. You need to eat more snacks as it prevents one from feeling extremely hungry. You will always realize that when you wait for the right time to eat, you shall be very hungry by then, hence it implies that you will consume a lot of food and even eat very faster. These are not very healthy for anyone who want to lose weight very fast. When you take more snacks in between meals, you will always feel satisfied and therefore, you will eat less. Snacks like low fat cheese, whole wheat crackers sunflower seeds, almonds, trail mix and sliced apples are highly recommended snacks. Take them every couple of hours.

Adequate sleep

Sleep is very crucial when it comes to speeding up the process of weight loss. When you get more sleep, you will be able to burn more body fats as it revs up the metabolism. Besides this, sleep also aids in controlling appetite and energy production since it controls the production of the hormone that carries out these tasks. Skipping a sleep or having an inadequate sleep you will experience more cravings that will make you feel satisfied and full with your food intake. This is because the body will produce more ghrelin that produces less leptin and triggers craving.

Drink tea to lose weightTake more tea and not water

Taking water is very crucial in losing weight but many people may not take the eight glasses recommended on a daily basis. This is the reason why you should prefer tea to water as they play the same role, but tea is simpler to sip all day long compared to water. Tea also has an added advantage as it is an antioxidant making it play a double task. Tea like the green tea have more benefits, hence will speed up the process of weight loss.

Never multitask

It is never healthy to multitask despite the hurry you may have to finish all things at once. When you involve your mind in doing many activities at once, your mind will never be fully engaged on a single task. This will therefore bring about conscious that will make you eat very fast and more food. This is because you will experience a prerequisite for an emotional eating, which is not healthy for the body. You should therefore carry out every single task at its own time and you have a peace of mind.

Eat before eating

It is also very healthy to take some soup slowly before taking the main meal. The hot soup needs to be taken slowly to give the hormones, brain and stomach enough time to coordinate. This will aid you in eating less food that is very perfect for the body.

These are just some of the best ways that will aid you in speeding your weight loss. When you practice them, you will get it very perfect and able to lose weight in the shortest time possible.